Benefits of CATS WHISKERS  or “Balbas Pusa” (recipe #2)

True to my previous post, I’ll be posting all the amazing herbal plants use by my husband in his what we call “miracle shake” as treatment for his CKD along with kidney-friendly meal and regular exercise.

We have been battling this disease for a year now and by God’s grace, we managed to lessen his creatinine level (not at the normal range but atleast not anymore at the diaylisis borderline)

On my previous post, I posted about the amazing Gyunera Procumbens or the “Longevity Spinach”. For this post , I’ll be tackling about Cats Whiskers or the” Balbas Pusa”


Here in the Philippines, we call it “Balbas Pusa” in Tagalog. In Cebu, we call it “Wachichao”. Whatever it is called, the distinct physical features that will make you recognize it is its cat whisker-like flowers and its zigzag-edged leaves.


My first plant came from my neighbor who had been using the plant since 2009 up to now for lowering his uric acid. He boils 15 leaves a day and make it as his daily water ration.

Balbas pusa or Cats Whiskers was included in my husband’s natural prescription for CKD.Patients with this condition have high levels of uric acid and creatinine. As said, this amazing plant is for those with renal inflammation, kidney stones and can decrease blood pressure. It also has components that can treat rheumatism, gout, diabetes, urinary tract infection, liver and bladder problems.


As for my husband, 15-20 leaves of this amazing leaves were added to his “miracle shake”everyday. So I need a lot of this plant to make up his daily dosage. But dont worry, this plant is easy to propagate. After getting all the leaves, you can just directly plant the stem on the soil. Before you know it, it’s already thriving!

All health and wellness to you!



Just a leafy goodness!

My husband was diagnosed with stage 4 CKD last 2017. From that time, we were in searched for medical cure to his ailment. We went from doctors to doctors but none suits my husband condition. In fact, after taking synthetic medicines ,his lab results shoot up to dialysis borderline which was more devastating. We almost lose hope but we never gave up from trying other options. We thought about kidney transplant. Her sister willingly wanted to donate one of her kidneys but sadly , his doctor would not allow it considering her sister was smaller than him. There’s a huge possibility that the new kidney will be rejected by his body and our efforts will be wasted.

I searched all over the internet and was able to find this website of a cancer facility in Tarlac that helps patients through natural medicine. Though it was a cancer facility, the reviews and comments from patients were so encouraging and overwhelming. So ,we gave it a shot.

I took a break from work and flew with my husband from Cebu to Tarlac. That was about four days since he was discharged from the hospital and was given 6 months to live by his doctor if he will not undergo dialysis.

Indeed , I was able to have my husband checked at the facility. As expected, all the capsules and tablets where replaced with plant-based medication and strict, no meat, no salt diet.

Sure enough, upon reaching home, I searched for all the medicinal plants that were precribed to us. It find it hard to complete the “recipe” since some of the plants are not known to us. Besides , you cannot have them over the counter! I looked for possible patients from Cebu and , wella, I found one. She also had a hard time, propagating some of the plants prescribed to them (which was the same as ours) but I was able to purchase 2 pots from her.

So here it is. One of the mostly recommended herbal medicine from Dr. Farrah Bunch Cancer Facility.

Gynura Procumbens a.k.a the “Longevity Spinach”

Although they call it ashitaba in the facility, this plant is actually the “longevity spinach” and it was tagged as that for no reason. Aside from its healing power on rheumatism, diabetes , constipation, and hypertension ,research found that it also decreases the presence of harmful proteins in the body. As advised, 15 leaves of this “super green” will be blended together with other medicinal plants in a 300 ml distilled water. Taken before meal at 100 ml.

Hey! It’s been a year now!….So grateful for the Lord’s gift of life.

It can be cooked just like spinach, chewed fresh or enjoyed as tea!

Easy to grow and thrive using its stem.With right amount of sunlight and water, plus a little bit of patience, you will have an endless supply of this healthy leafy goodness!


Goodness in a pot!